• We provide a user friendly online data entry system (PaddyNet) for your therapists’ documentation.
  • We do the initial training of your staff, as well as, a review within 90-120 days and an annual review if needed.
  • We provide outstanding Customer Support available by phone and online ticketing system.
  • We check all eligibility and do monthly rechecks on all non-eligible cases. We find hundreds of students that were not previously eligible, increasing our clients’ billable potential.
  • We request the physician’s documents necessary for billing (Plans of Care).
  • We submit claims every 30 minutes so your system receives weekly deposits from Medicaid. Claims entered by your therapists by noon Friday results in money in your bank account on Monday.
  • We check all paid and denied claims for accuracy and resubmit claims that can be refiled for payment, resulting in thousands of dollars for our clients.
  • We review and supply reports to management to ensure that the children are receiving the required services in accordance to their IEP.
  • In the event of an audit, we guide you through the process to ensure compliance with all requirements. We are available to be present for an on-site audit.
  • All services outlined above, and more, included in one fee. NO HIDDEN CHARGES

We work to simplify and streamline the process


Paddy Quakers