PaddyNet was a success from the first day.

PaddyNet allows for the following:

  1. Users may enter data from any computer through a secure connection to our server. Each user has their own private login and password.
  2. Users enter a new student and that student is then processed for Medicaid eligibility by SES. Upon notification of eligibility, the user starts entering data.
  3. SES downloads claims and processes them hourly. Claims received by Medicaid by noon Friday are paid into your bank account on the following Monday.
    No waiting for weeks or months for sorely needed funds.
  1. When users enter their data, they are also entering their Medicaid documentation data. Data entry is quick and the commonly used fields are defaulted making the entry very efficient. Therapists are electronically signing their documentation with every entry they make.
  2. Medicaid documentation is instantly available. A simple selection of the “DOCUMENTATION” tab and the user can print out the documentation for one or all of their students and for any date range for the current school year.
  3. The data entered by the therapists is available for reports provided to management by SES on a regular basis.

We have over 25 years of experience.


We provide reports to management to ensure that the children are receiving the required services in accordance to their IEP.


No upfront costs. Never any hidden fees.


As a contracted entity in your school system, we adhere to the same guidelines as any other contracted individual or entity.