SES is The Premier Medicaid Consulting Firm in the Southeast. We have operated in this capacity since 1996.

John Vassar, President, is the principal and founder of SES. He has over twenty-five years in the insurance processing industry and interaction with Medicaid. Having been a volunteer and business partner with public schools for over thirty years, he brings a unique knowledge of LEA operation and culture to the day-to-day interaction with school system clients. He has been responsible for the design and implementation of our current policies, procedures and web based processing system.

Boots Vassar, Program Director, joined SES in 2001 after retiring as a classroom teacher with 34 years of experience in the Georgia School Systems.

John Vassar with his wife

Robin Blanchard
Managing Partner

Works closely with John Vassar in Marketing and Training and handles the day-to-day management of the company.

Ana Garcia

Ana Garcia
Operations Manager

Works diligently on the day-to-day operations of the company.

Laura London

Laura London                                                            Assistant Manager

Supervises our POC department; they follow up on POC’s from over 3000 doctors office throughout the state of Georgia.   

Leighann Aretino

Leighann Aretino
Client Support Manager

Works to bring in new clients, maintains SES website and updates our media presence.

Kendra Phinney

Kendra Phinney
Client Coordinator Supervisor

Supervises our support team to ensure we provide the best customer support possible. 

Stacie Hartsfield

Stacie Hartsfield

Works with our team in getting new clients started and is our primary person for IT and ACE.


We currently maintain a staff of 20-25 employees to assist our clients and their staff. All of our employees are trained and available to assist in the implementation process for new clients:  Medicaid eligibility processing, proofing of consents, obtaining of Plans of Care, proofing student case lists, etc.

Mr. Vassar has close to 40 years of experience working with Special Education and the rights of special education children.  As a parent of a special needs daughter growing up in the Georgia Public School System, Mr. Vassar became a strong advocate for not only his daughter but for over 300 special needs children and their families throughout the state of Georgia.  Mr. Vassar’s dedication to ensure special education children receive the services that they are entitled too and his knowledge of Medicaid billing has helped school systems receive over $100,000,000.00 in reimbursement over the last 23 years.

SES History

SES was founded as an Insurance billing company for School Systems. In 1996, Mr. Vassar was asked by a Special Ed Director if he could “get us Medicaid money as you are in the Insurance Claims Business”. After a review of the, then new, Medicaid program for schools a proposal was made and SES began.

For years, we used a bulky and very time consuming paper system for the collection of billing data. All of the reports that we provided to clients were generated by hand and required the inefficient gathering of data by fax [we sent and received over 1500 pages per month]. The system worked but not as well as we wished.

In the spring of 2006, Mr. Vassar decided to replace our paper system with a comprehensive web based system, and so PaddyNet was conceived, developed and deployed at the beginning of school year 2006-2007. PaddyNet works with all of the most commonly used internet browsers. We test these on a regular basis.

We always get asked, “Why ducks”?

Once upon a time, Mrs. Boots was looking for a fun idea as a giveaway at conferences and for our visits at school systems; she came across a catalog with a variety of rubber ducks.  She bought several dozen and gave them away at a conference and it was a huge success. Throughout the years we have continued the tradition and now order several thousand rubber ducks yearly.  We always look for new and fun ducks.    

A few years ago we decided to step it up a notch and make things a little more fun, so we introduced our 8-foot duck, Paddy Quackers at the GASBO Conference. Paddy Quackers has attended a couple of conferences and has been invited by our clients to several Special Education Field Days.  She loves to see all children smile.

You never know where you will find Paddy Quackers and her ducks.